Can you name all the streaming services? No, then how about the top 10? Probably not. There’s just so many of them, that trying to keep up with all the existing streaming platforms, as well as those that have been announced but aren’t launched, is a job in and of itself. Well, the newly-merged ViacomCBS is here to complicate matters even more with yet another streaming option. Well, more like a newly structured streaming service.

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According to CNBC, ViacomCBS is reportedly in discussions about a brand-new streaming service that will take the combined libraries of the two media companies and combine them into a one-stop-shop, similar to the upcoming Peacock and HBO Max services. The new streaming platform will take the already-launched CBS All Access and integrate the Viacom library that includes Pluto TV, Nickelodeon, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, and Paramount Pictures. The new service will carry a new name, though that hasn’t been announced as of yet.

Though this sounds like another HBO Max or Peacock, there is something that definitely sets this potential new platform apart from the rest—pricing tiers.

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The report claims that there will be an ad-supported version at one cost, followed by an ad-free version, similar to how Hulu operates and what we’ve heard about Peacock. But the added wrinkle is that this new service might also carry a “premium” tier that includes Showtime and its library. The base price is rumored to be less than $10 per month.

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On their own, streaming services and apps exist for many of the properties that would be combined in this new platform. CBS All Access, though not a huge contender in the Streaming Wars, has had a bit of success thanks to original series such as “The Twilight Zone” and, obviously, the various “Star Trek” series. But outside of those originals, the library is fairly limited, as it only accounts for CBS programming and very limited live sports, mainly tied to the NFL. However, if you add the libraries of BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, and Paramount Pictures, you’re talking about a service that could easily stand toe-to-toe with Peacock, HBO Max, and Disney+.

So, it appears that film and TV fans might have to fork over another monthly fee for a streaming platform soon enough.