The producers of “Bond 25” are officially in damage control. With every bit of news coming out from the production of the upcoming action film being about something terrible, the official James Bond YouTube account decided that it needed to take control of the situation and release a new featurette showing that everything is fine, people. Honestly, it’s all going great on set.

In the new video that features director Cary Fukunaga and actors Daniel Craig, Jeffrey Wright, and others, we see that “Bond 25” spent quite a bit of time in Jamaica and everything went super well. AKA, please don’t think about Craig’s injury, the errant explosion, the reports of a terrible script, rumors of Fukunaga playing video games and being late to set, or the cameras that were recently found in the women’s bathroom.

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Yes, dear reader, the latest bit of controversy to come up from the set of “Bond 25” came about over the weekend when The Independent reported that police were called when people at Pinewood Studios found hidden cameras located in the women’s bathroom on set. The police came and arrested a man who allegedly put the recording devices in the bathrooms. Just another day on the “Bond 25” set.

The company released a statement, “We take this issue very seriously. We reported the incident to the police and are supporting them with their investigation.”

As crazy as this is getting, we still have confidence that the cast and crew involved with “Bond 25” are going to turn in a quality film. It’s just almost comical at this point how much negative press has come about with the production. And guess what? There are still weeks of filming ahead. So, who knows what’s next?