No EscapeYou sit comfortably at home and watch the headlines roll in from abroad, showing violent clashes in some distant part of the world, as the populace rises up against those in power. Then you turn it off, adjust the air conditioning, and get ready for a rerun of "The Big Bang Theory." And maybe that’s how life would’ve gone for Jack (Owen Wilson) and Annie (Lake Bell) normally, but things are far from usual for the parents in "No Escape."

John Erick Dowdle ("Quarantine," "Devil") is behind this one which tells the story of an American who is relocated for work to an anonymous Asian country, where his family will becomes caught up in a violent uprising. Their very lives are put in danger and suddenly, the wholesome American dad, will have to tap into his inner Liam Neeson. This latest UK trailer wants you to know it’s from the same production company that delivered "Whiplash" and "Nightcrawler," but also barely acknowledges that Pierce Brosnan is also in this movie.

"No Escape" opens on September 2nd. Watch below.

No EscapeNo EscapeNo Escape poster