Connie Nielsen Joins Kevin Costner In McG's Untitled Thriller With Amber Heard & Hailee Steinfeld


McG is like a classic timex watch. He takes a lickin', but keeps on tickin'. "This Means War" was routinely included in Worst Of 2012 lists (including ours), "Terminator Salvation" took a beating in 2009, and the rest of his career hasn't fared much better outside of the kinetic, high-level octane of "Charlie's Angels" that critics were soon complaining about in its sequel. But not everyone makes films for critics, obviously. His upcoming film, an untitled thriller produced by Luc Besson that stars Kevin Costner, just got a bump from its newly announced cast.

Connie Nielsen has joined Amber Heard ("The Rum Diary," "Paranoia") and Hailee Steinfeld ("True Grit") in the film, which was penned by Besson ("Taken," "Transporter") and Adi Hasak ("From Paris With Love"). Does this mean McG is joining Besson's action-cottage industry out of France, which has produced folks like Olivier Megaton, Pierre Morel and more? Hell, he can do worse. Details from the press release below. At the very least, it sounds a little bit different from the stuff Besson's companies usually churn out.

The film is currently in production in Paris and will continue in Serbia, where it will wrap on April 22nd. Collaborating with McG behind the scenes is a creative below-the-line team including: director of photography Thierry Arbogast ("The Fifth Element"), production designer Sébastien Inizan ("Taken 2"), sound editor Stéphane Bucher ("Taken 2"), costume designer Olivier Bériot ("Taken") and editor Audrey Simonaud ("Taken 2").

This darkly comedic action film tells a story about a secret service agent who’s agreed to return from retirement for one last mission – in exchange for access to an experimental drug that could save his life. Hallucinatory, narcoleptic action ensues as he tries to complete the mission while battling the side effects of the drug.