Watch: Mark Wahlberg Owes Big In 2 New Clips & 2 TV Spots For 'The Gambler'

The GamblerCasinos rake in money hand over fist for one reason: they know the odds are stacked in their favor. But the reason gambling is such a fascination, and for some an addiction, is that there are those who think they can beat the odds, or control the game. While there are a select few who can pay the bills by playing cards, most others can’t get on the right side of the numbers. And it’s in that milieu that "The Gambler" plays, and today some new peeks at the movie have arrived.

Rupert Wyatt ("Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes") directs this remake of the ’70s film, with Mark Wahlberg in the lead role of a college professor who owes money to the wrong people, is engaging in an inappropriate relationship with one of his students, and will have to find a way out of his troubles before they catch up with him. And in the clips below we see him recruited by a bald John Goodman, while Brie Larson flirts with him in a lighter moment. After that, a couple of TV spots to give you another overview of the drama that’s on the horizon.

"The Gambler" opens on Christmas Day. Watch below.