Historical fiction may not be on everyone’s list for summer fun, but TNT is proving the exception to the rule with another edition in the popular Alienist franchise. Based on Caleb Carr’s Kreizler series, “The Alienist: Angel of Darkness” presents another chapter in the lives of its engrossing central characters. This time, Sara Howard leads the mystery as she reunites with former colleagues to take on a kidnapping which leads to murder. 

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Unlike many projects in the same vein, this adaptation is fearless in how it approaches the time period’s flaws as well as the murderous storylines. Instead of portraying the usual stupor of clean and clear settings, “The Alienist” goes further by rubbing off the gleam that somehow paints across similar works; this same aesthetic carries over beautifully and quite morbidly into the new season. It’s a testament to the mutual creative spirit of Carr and the series’ producers including “No Time To Die” helmer Cary Joji Fukunaga

Fans of the first series will also be happy to see the original acting trio back in their roles. Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl, and Luke Evans have all returned for this second season which sees Fanning assuming a stronger leading presence. In fact, many of the season one actors have come back; notable among them are Douglas Smith, Matthew Shear, Robert Ray Wisdom, and Ted Levine.

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TNT’s Official Synopsis:

Sara has opened her own private detective agency and is leading the charge on a brand-new case. She reunites with Dr. Kreizler, the formidable alienist, and John Moore, now a New York Times reporter, to find Ana Linares, the kidnapped infant daughter of the Spanish Consular. Their investigation leads them down a sinister path of murder and deceit, heading towards a dangerous and elusive killer. As in “The Alienist”, the series shines a light on the provocative issues of the era – the corruption of institutions, income inequality, yellow press sensationalism, and the role of women in society – themes that still resonate today.

Watch the new trailer for “The Alienist: Angel of Darkness” below. It premieres Sunday, July 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.