The 1980s were an interesting time for superheroes. Of course, Superman was already a household name on the big screen led in part by the late Christopher Reeve’s performance. “Batman” remained a glimmer in producers’ eyes, with the legendary figure making a game-changing appearance in ‘89. But what of the Amazonian princess? What was her place in the decade? Patty Jenkins seeks to answer that question, as she adds Wonder Woman to the decade’s champions with “Wonder Woman 1984.”

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This time, it’s hard to miss the neon palette and bold colors that highlight this not so new world. As if bringing to life comic book fantasies in a way that Joel Schumacher could only dream of, Jenkins paired with cinematographer Matthew Jensen to create something that breaks the dark, brooding molds. It doesn’t hurt that ‘80s nostalgia is at a fever pitch right now. Even those who weren’t alive during the decade seem to want their piece of this Lisa Frank dreamscape.

Gal Gadot returns to claim her title as Queen of the cinematic DC Universe. With as many fails as hits under the studio, Gadot and Jenkins have provided a road map to success if execs will follow the breadcrumbs. As some fans keep the constant “Snyder Cut” in overdrive, the real potential may lie in what is already waiting for them.

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Every good superhero story has to feature an equally impressive villain. Jenkins packs the film with not one, but two dominant forces. Kristen Wiig leads the baddies as she transforms into the character Cheetah. Anyone who knows about the comic book villain is already anticipating the actress’ approach to the role. While much of the discussion surrounding villains have focused on Cheetah, it’s hard to ignore Pedro Pascal in the role of Maxwell Lord. The actor is currently starring on the most popular series in the world, “The Mandalorian,” and this time viewers actually get a glimpse of the man behind the mask.

Check out the new trailer for “Wonder Woman 1984” below.