'Blue Miracle' Trailer: Dennis Quaid Helps Mexican Orphans Win A Fishing Tournament

What would you do to save something you love? For one group, the surprising answer is found among the world of sportfishing in Netflix’s new film “Blue Miracle.” The project chronicles an improbable team who came together in hopes of saving their orphanage. This “inspired by true events” story features Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales as the men who lead the harrowing journey. Quaid is a producer on the project along with Javier Chapa, Darren Moorman, Chris George, Ben Howard, and Trey Reynolds.

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The actual story of Casa Hogar is one that drew headlines in 2014. Facing the aftermath of a major hurricane, the Cabo San Lucas-based orphanage reached out for any way to keep going. What the team—composed of people without knowledge of fishing or major boating tournaments—discovered was one incredible moment after another. From a mysterious donor to the actual results of their event, it’s a tale that is equal parts inspiring and fascinating. 

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Director Julio Quintana takes on writing duties with Chris Dowling. His work with non-fiction titles such as “My 600-LB Life” proves to be a helpful background as he transitions into long-form storytelling. It also proves to be one of his first feature-length efforts. Screenwriter Dowling is a producer of the recently released “The Man from Nowhere.”

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Musical elements play a key part in the overall ambiance. The film’s soundtrack will be available to coincide with the release date. Reach Records executive produced the musical aspects of the project, with songs from their artists as highlights. Lecrae, GAWVI, WHATUPRG, and 1K Phew all provide tracks for the project. 

Blue Miracle” also stars Jimmy Gonzales, Anthony Gonzalez, Raymond Cruz, Nathan Arenas, Miguel Angel Garcia, Isaac Arellanes, Steve Gutierrez, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Fernanda Urrejola, Silverio Palacios, with Bruce McGill. The film premieres May 27th on Netflix. Watch the film’s trailer below.