‘2nd Chance’ Trailer: Ramin Bahrani’s First Documentary Centers On A Man Chasing The American Dream

How far would you go for the American dream? Richard Davis was one man intent on having his own American dream at any cost; Davis’ story is told in the new documentary “2nd Chance.” He would become famous for his contribution to the bulletproof vest and a dramatic demonstration of its reliability — shooting himself 192 times. What followed was far from what the inventor thought would happen and ultimately saw a downfall of epic proportions. Showtime Documentary Films picked up the Sundance 2022 selection shortly after its first showing during this year’s festival.

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“2nd Chance” marks director Ramin Bahrani’s first foray into non-fiction narratives. The Playlist’s Marshall Shaffer noted similarities in themes between his previous work and the current project. “Everything from his early microbudget neorealist indies like ‘Man Push Car’” and starrier morality plays like ’99 Homes’ concern strivers forced to question just how far they’ll go to achieve their version of the American Dream,” Shaffer wrote as part of his True/False Film Festival review.

An impressive level of talent behind the scenes extends to Oscar and Bafta nominee Joshua Oppenheimer. The filmmaker, known for “The Look of Silence” and “The Act of Killing,” acts as executive producer on the project. 

The film’s official synopsis:

Broke, brave, and brash, Richard Davis shot himself 192 times. Why? To invent the modern-day bulletproof vest and launch a multimillion-dollar company. He was a hero to the police and the military until tragedy brought him down. His is an American story of guns, violence, lies, and self-deception.

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One man’s story of triumph and tragedy plays out in “2nd Chance.” The film opens in select theaters on December 2 via Bleecker Street Films and will debut on Showtime next spring. Get your first look at the trailer below.