Shocker: Christopher Nolan Still Not Signed On For 'Batman 3'

Speaking of those on the fence about rejoining a major Hollywood franchise is “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” director Christopher Nolan. Or not. That dubious source. Batman on Film, is saying that Nolan hasn’t signed on to direct the third Batman movie. To which we say: Uh, duh. This is not really a story, but uhh, here we are.

Nolan’s currently got his hands full with his giant sci-fi movie for Warner Bros., “Inception,” which apparently just got a budget bump to the $200 mark (if the Canadian press is to be believed). He’s always been a dude who takes his time and waits until the time was right to jump back into the franchise. (He directed the underrated magic movie “The Prestige” in between Batman gigs) Besides, he has supposedly already been floating ideas around with writer David Goyer and his brother and writing partner Jonathan Nolan (whose most recent work was a valiant effort at making “Terminator Salvation” not terrible… nice try).

In fact, we remember getting a supposed inside-industry email shortly before ‘Dark Knight’ began filming that announced that Jonathan would be helming “The Dark Knight” and not Chris. This ended up not being the case, but the email seemed legit enough and showed you how close we came to a Christopher Nolan-less Batman.

We’re guessing that after he’s had his fun with “Inception” he’ll sign on to do the next Batman if he’s not totally exhausted. The studio will offer him too much money, he’ll feel grateful that Warner Bros. let him make his crazy, expensive sci-fi movie, and Christian Bale will beg, beg, beg him to come back (Bale has to do another one, with or without Nolan). Now please disperse, nothing to see here. [Batmanonfilm/film] – Drew Taylor