While we were thinking about other New York Film Festival pictures we had seen and images for the films, we had realized we’d never really posted trailers for “The Class,” “Tony Manero” or “Tokyo Sonata” three films, French, Chilean and Japanese that we all (pretty much) really liked. Ok, none of them are subtitled in English, but who cares if you haven’t had a chance to see these films (the majority of the world frankly), it’s a good opportunity to at least see some visuals and catch up on the aesthetics and styles of all three films — the kinetic and documentarian like French school room flick “The Class”; the “Saturday Night Live” disco-dancing dysfuncitonal obsessive of “Tony Manero”; and the Bunelian tragic-comico internalized horror of “Tokyo Sonata.” Just three random, but excellent examples of the International flavor that’s imprinted all over NYFF (rather impressively we think; some of the best films we’ve seen of the year have been at the fest; and the entire experience has been a strong reminder to go out of our way to see foreign export rather than sometimes predictable North American cinema; or at the very least a reminder that variety is truly the spice of life).

Trailer: “The Class”

Trailer: “Tony Manero”

Trailer: “Tokyo Sonata”