The 2003 Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett documentary – conveniently titled, “The Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett Story” – is getting a deluxe edition DVD release. Extras on the DVD release will include an extended sixty minute interview of Roger Waters on Syd Barrett, David Gilmour on “Wish You Were Here,” a Syd Barrett biography, Graham Coxon performing “Love You,” and Robyn Hitchcock performing “Dominoes” and “It Is Obvious.” The film is screening again in New York, SF, Houston and Philadelphia. [Tripwire]

Remember how we said Eddie Vedder had made an album of songs for the Sean Penn film, “Into The Wild” and said album contained a cover of the Indio song, “Hard Sun” (the album’s first single)? Well that album actually contains two covers. One by the aforementioned Indio (aka obscure Canadian musician Gordon Peterson) song and one cover by San Francisco singer/songwriter Jerry Hannan (the track “Society”). Hannan also played the guitar and did some vocals on the song; that track “Rise” features Vedder on banjo, while “End of the Road” is an instrumental track. According to Pearl Jam online, the CD artwork was designed by Brad Klausen & Eddie Vedder and Vedder himself created the album’s concept, under the alias ‘Jerome Turner.’ A back cover silhouette photo of Eddie Vedder was taken by famous photographer Anton Corbijn. The record is dedicated to ‘Jill & Olivia’ (Vedder’s fiancee & daughter).

Pitchfork has uncovered a startling revelation about Antony & The Johnson’s cover of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” for the Bob Dylan biopic “I’m Not There” soundtrack. Anthony Hegarty, who collaborated with Currituck Co.’s Kevin Barker on the cover said, wait for it: “We did it slow and minor.” Feel that? The earth stopped turning there for a minute. [Pitchfork] Maaan, they just took it from his website, lame.

I’m Not There Quote that We Have Nowhere Else To Put:
SHOCKA – ZIMMY APPROVES, SRSLY? “I do think it was because of this open structure, something that we keep expanding through the years. And because of that, Bob thought, ‘Okay, this may be the one thing I’ll say okay to.” – World in shock because Todd Haynes got permission from Bob Dylan HIMSELF to use his entire body of songs, life story and life’s work for the upcoming biopic. WOW, IMAGINE HE DIDN’T GET PERMIZZION BUT STILL MADE THE FILM, OMG, LOL! [THE INTERNETZ]

Directed by artisan Julian Schnaebel, “Lou Reed’s Berlin” – a concert film of Reed’s New York St. Anne’s Warehouse 2006 Berlin performances – will debut September 11 at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film was shot by noted cinematographer Ellen Kuras, a concert veteran who shot “Neil Young: Heart of Gold.” Antony (from the aforementioned Johnsons) guests on a version of the Velvet Underground transgendered classic “Candy Says.”[TIFF]

Lou Reed Plays Berlin – 1980