We're Thankful For: 'Bottle Rocket'

God, get over this shit already, right? We’re out for the weekend and yes, we’re all thankful that after some five-six years of waiting, the Criterion Collection has finally put out a special edition of Wes Anderson’s “Bottle Rocket.”

We took stupidly detailed notes (because we have no life) on this DVD and then didn’t want the work to go to waste so that’s why you’re bombarded.

Let’s us know if this is overkill because we seriously still have about 3-4 posts worth of extensive notes full of crazy quotes and trivia from the commentary track (yes, we went overboard, we know this, but again, we hate to see time and work go to waste…).

So this week we featured related posts on:
– The music of “Bottle Rocket” (plus, the old 2007 extensive music feature)
– The archival black-and-white photography of Owen and Luke Wilson’s mom, Laura Wilson
– The deleted “Car wash” scene
– We delved into the film’s biggest missing sequences, the “Cop-Chase” scenes
– A comparative “Bottle Rocket” short-to-feature length side by side feature
– Update: A very thorough and comprehensive feature on the making-of documentary and the commentary track by Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson.
Happy thanksgiving, we’ll see you Monday, but maybe if we’re so inclined, we’ll post sometime between then and now. Ciao oscuro.

PS, all this excessive Wes Anderson talk reminds us we should re-up our If I Were Wes Anderson Playlist mix which we’ve just done. If you haven’t heard it, we rather recommend it if we do say so ourselves.