James Gray’s “The Lost City Of Z” opens up in the U.K. this weekend, and the cast has been doing the press rounds overseas. The epic Amazonian jungle movie stars Charlie Hunnam, Sienna Miller and Robert Pattison, and the latter was on the recent Kermode and Mayo podcast and revealed some intriguing nuggets about some of his future projects.

Pattison stressed his post-“Twilight” direction of working with auteurs (David Cronenberg, David Michod, Anton Corbijn, Werner Herzog) to the podcast hosts. “You can have a great director with an OK script and the likelihood is they’ll probably make a good movie. I like feeling alien in an environment,” he explained. “The next few things I’m doing are wildly swinging in the other direction.”

In a separate interview with Metro, he echoed the same sentiment about working on left-of-center movies. “My jobs are going to get weirder. This year I have tried to accelerate that road to weirdness.”

With Kermode and Mayo, he spoke about his next movie “Good Time” directed by Ben and Joshua Safdie (“Heaven Knows What”) which is rumored to be a strong contender for Cannes and is described as an “neo-grindhouse” crime flick.

“The next movie is this really hardcore kind of Queens, New York, mentally damaged psychopath, bank robbery movie,” Pattinson plays the lead next to Jennifer Jason-Leigh and Barkhad Abdi. It’s been in post-production for months so Cannes could be a good bet.

The actor then spoke about “Damsel,” a western from the Zellner brothers (“Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter“) co-starring Mia Wasikowska that’s now in post-production. “[It’s] a kind of slapstick comedy,” he said, adding that his duties on this one went beyond being in front of the camera.

“I don’t play that much any more, though I am doing music for [‘Damsel’]. I used to differentiate between music and acting but the more I don’t play music, the more I push that area of my brain into acting. I improvise like I would when I play music,” Pattinson explained.

The actor then revealed an intriguing new film he has on deck. “And then hopefully [I’m] doing this 100% improvised movie afterwards. You just try and do things that you hope you won’t be bored in and then hopefully other people won’t be bored in it too,” Pattinson teased. Any guesses on that project?

Somewhere down the road the actor will also be doing Oliver Assayas’ gangster flick “Idol’s Eye” and Claire Denis‘ “High Life,” perhaps singlehandedly keeping indie/art house cinema funding alive.

Listen to the podcast interview below (starts around the 44 minute mark), check out a set photo of “Damsel,” new-ish “Lost City Of Z” photos and the beautiful recently released ‘Z’ poster from the U.K. Update: here’s the isolated interview on its own.

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