Where has the lovely Rachel McAdams been all these years? Aside from a few roles here and there, the enchanting Canadian actress has been M.I.A. for a few years now.

Apparently no one was offering her many roles despite great turns in “Wedding Crashers” and “Mean Girls” and “Red Eye” (the latter film one that she was well above and outclassed everyone in it). The girl can act for real, but she’s never been given much of a meaty role yet. Seriously, there’s moments in ‘Crashers’ where she’s elevating the material like a champion and going toe-to-toe with Christopher Walken; you can almost register his surprise thinking, “honey, this is just a little comedy, no need to go above and beyond.”

Anyhow, no one offered her anything good (stupid), but she also likes to maintain a semblance of a life.

“You’d be surprised: I didn’t get many interesting offers after I finished ‘‘The Notebook.’’ And yes, I now get a lot of them. But I don’t like to work all the time. When I’m working, the rest of my life slips away. I press pause on everything, and then, when I’m done working, I get back to the world I’m trying to interpret in the movies.”

“I have a split-personality — I love being completely immersed in my nonworking life, but I am equally compelled by the lives of the characters I play. If you want to tell stories as truthfully as possible, you have to have a normal, boring existence. Otherwise, you’ll never understand the greatness of the everyday.”

Normal actors are refreshing. Yes, we have a bit of a crush, but more importantly, we think she’s an untapped talent that hasn’t even shown 1/10th of her potential. Just sayin’, keep an eye on her. She’s destined for bigger things. [NYTimes] We’ll see McAdams later this year alongside Eric Bana in the adaptation of “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” which is due December 25. It could finally be that break out role that proves her mettle.