Yes, in case you were dead this weekend, or perhaps trapped in a mall all weekend, you’ll know that “Twilight” took over the universe this weekend, scoring some $70-some million at the box-office and essentially giving an eye-brow raised, “how you like them apples?” to all the haters and cynics (including us) that were tired of hearing how the vampire teen goth film was going to take over the culturalsphere for weeks on end.

Well, it happened, fine, we sort of assumed it would, though the numbers are astronomical and way above projections, good for Summit Entertainment, maybe they’ll try putting out something good now. Anywhoo, so it took over the universe, but did the vampire biting have to infect Radiohead too? Yup, while they didn’t license their music to the Chop-Shop/Atlantic friendly soundtrack supervised by Alexandra Patsavas who owns the Chop Shop label (hmm, how convenient), they did so for the film and the band’s “15 Step” from In Rainbows appeared in the tween film’s closing credits.

The anti-consumerist, anti-capitalists in Radiohead seem to be OK with closing credit songs of late having appeared in the credits for “Choke” (“Reckoner” from Rainbows) and Thom Yorke’s solo-venturing “Analyze” which closed out Christopher Nolan’s non-Batman film, “The Prestige.” What will the community think? Not sure, but either way, we’re a little disappointed with Radiohead for this affiliation. Didn’t this movie make a shit-ton without you? Is Colin Greenwood a fan of the books or something? We must say, Radiohead and “Twilight” seem like very strange bedfellows to us.

Radiohead – “15 Step”