Sean Penn Set To Lecture At You Twice At Coachella?

Check out the Coachella set times or just look here for our visual reference. Looks like actor/activist Sean Penn is going to appear at Coachella twice on Saturday April 26. Once at 6:45 pm on the main stage (for pete’s sake) for what might be the longest 15 minutes of your life and once earlier in the day at 2:10 on the Gobi tent (a perfect time to go use the port-a-potty or buy an overpriced $7 water).

Maybe he’ll just be forcibly strongly encouraging you to go green? Or perhaps suggest you go purchase an Eddie Vedder record? The possibilities are endless.

Or does it have to do something with a “fantastic idea” involving a bus, Coachella and the New Orleans Jazz Fest. Maybe it’ll be lecturing bands not to dump their tourbus poop.

You’ll recall at last year’s Coachella, Björk did some equally important humanitarian work.