Random Stuff to catch up on before we disappear for the July 4 holiday.

– We noted sometime last year that moody, dim-lighting nu-auteur David Fincher usually takes a long time between projects and has been on a creative tear of late (or at least buying up properties, it remains to be seen if they will come to fruition quickly. We can now add CG animated “The Goon,” to his list of projects he’s attached to which includes, a revamped animated “Heavy Metal,” Fight Club” the musical that will likely never happen, and three graphic novels; the perverse Charles Burns book “Black Hole,” and the “assassin suddenly plagued by his conscience,” tale “The Killer;” and the true crime chronicle, “Torso.” [/Film]

– The Flaming Lips will lend more musc for the sequel to “Okie Noodling” the 2001 documentary about Oklahoma fishers that nobody cared or saw, and the oddball rockers scored. Lessons learned? It pays to be from Oklahoma even if you can’t film your way out of a paper bag. Really? Yes, other Okie weirdo-rockers (Lips part deux), the Starlight Mints will also contribute a track. The DVD comes out July 14. [Pitchfork]

– “Harry Potter” nerdlinger Daniel Radcliffe has said that the next installment of the dork wizard movie will not be your father’s version of dungeons and dragons. “There’s a fair amount of sexual energy and there are some drug parallels. We have a couple of what David Yates, the director, calls our ‘Trainspotting’ moments. That’s two films I never thought would be mentioned in the same breath.” Color us mildly intrigued. [Telegraph via Vulture]

– Comic legend Jeph Loeb sayd Christian Bale should rethink his position on Robin in any further additions of the Chris Nolan-helmed Batman franchise. He drives home a salient argument. “It’s all about building the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson [Robin]. Dick hates Bruce. He doesn’t understand why it is that he needs to do this and Bruce doesn’t understand why he’s doing it either because he’s not a parent. He doesn’t know how to be a parent.” Wait, so it’s like “Monster’s Ball,” where the father and son bitterly loathe one another? (which ironically features Heath Ledger). [MTV]