Inimitable cueball Sinead O’Connor will lend her mellifluous and once-blaspheming voice to “The Waterhorse: Legend Of The Deep” (made by the folks that brought you ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’; file under more gauzed-CGI family fantasty holiday season nonsense). The score is composed by six-time Academy Award nominee James Newton Howard and features music by the Chieftains and another one of those end-credits doozy, “Back Where You Belong” by the aforementioned O’Connor. ‘Water Horse’ tells the story of some kid who stumbles across a mysterious egg. It hatches into some crazy undersea Lochness creature (“the mythical ‘water horse’ of Scottish legend”), they become bff and then the boy has to protect the monster from townspeople that want to douse it in chocolate, fry it up and sell it for 5 quid a pop. Sinead’s song presumably adds much gravitas to what is likely a very heartfelt story. PS, when O’Connor kicks the bucket, we nominated a shaved-head Natalie Portman to play her. Total dead ringer.

Damon Albarn’s cartoonish excuse to print money and sidestep his Blur responsibilities, Gorillaz will release the movie/DVD, “Bananaz, ” a feature-length documentary on the animated zoo act and to be directed by one Ceri Levy, the dude behind the 1994 Blur doc “Starshaped.” No release date yet, but the film – which will likely do a handful of screenings before it hits DVD – will come out sometime in 2008. [NME]

Ludacris, sorry, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges as the acting nome de plume goes, will play the “intellectual heavy” in the “The Sims”-meets-“The Running Man” action flick, “Game.” Luda is currently onscreen in “Fred Claus” and has a role in Guy Ritchie’s upcoming “Rock n’ Rolla.” *Ritchie’s long-belated, once dumped on dvd in the UK, poorly received, and and now finally arriving on North American shores gangster film “Revolver” (see our story on the maligned film) – is hitting theaters here in limited release on December 7 (that’s another story unto itself). [MTV]