'Arthur' And Your Daily Fresh-Out-Of-Ideas, Remake News

Remember the December 2008 rumors that Russell Brand could step into the role played by Dudley Moore in the comedic and buffoonish “Arthur” series that chronicled a spoiled rich manchild who believed his wealth allowed him the privilege of squealing and behaving like a infant at all times?

Well, according to Variety, the remake is on and screenwriter Peter Baynham, who co-wrote “Borat,” will be penning the script.

Lest you think this is some sell-out “Arthur” remake for the aughts, Larry Brezner, who produced the original films with Dudley Moore, and you know he has the beeeeest intentions (Ca-ching!)

– Other remakes in the works include “The Neverending Story,” which Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way productions is interested in. [THR] Isn’t ruining “War Games” enough?

– Lastly, producer Neal H. Moritz (“I Am Legend,” “Fast And Furious”) is trying to develop a “Total Recall” remake over at Columbia. The sci-fi original in 1990, of course starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as directed by Paul Verhoeven and does still contain some deliciously ridiculous delights. [THR]