Ok, you haven’t yet heard the covers made by various classic and indie rockers on Todd Haynes’ “I’m Not There” soundtrack, right? Right, none of us have, but the tracklist is now out.

So we thought we’d give you a preview cheat sheet of what the music on this soundtrack might sound like. Here’s the tracklist, song for song, with the Bob Dylan originals for educational purposes only of course.

Get it while you can, this won’t be up for long. Keep in mind there is no 07 – track because the track, “Can’t Leave Her Behind” was never officially released (though yes, we’re sure some of you bootleggers out there have it). The song was first heard on the 1966 Dylan film, “Eat The Document,” and the clip is provided below. Also there’s no track 16 because the the “I’m Not There” has the title track on the album twice (the long-waited official original version and also Sonic Youth’s cover version)

I’m Not There – The Bob Dylan Originals
“Can’t Leave Her Behind” from “Eat The Document” featuring The Band’s Robbie Robertson