You might remember on Monday, we — and many other people as it turns out — were desperately trying to get our hands on the haunting “Ninna Ninna” song that ended the Sopranos 84th episode, “The Second Coming.”

We thought the song was actually called “Ninna Nanna” (which we’re pretty sure is just an Italian title for the classic Brahms’ song “Wiegenlied,” or “Cradle song” that we all know), and we weren’t totally offbase, the song is basically a lullaby and it is an old Italian folk song (though apparently Calabrian and not Sicilian). Thanks to some google help and the folks at the HBO message boards who revealed the answer: The song is available on a CD titled, “Italian Folk Songs and Dances,” at the Smithsonian Global Sound site. The liner notes for this disc can be found here.

You can download the song at the Smithsonian site for 99 cents.