Can Werner Herzog and Michael Haneke announce an anthology series starring Isabelle Huppert with guest-directing duties by Andrea Arnold, Amma Asante and David Lynch, please? This week and weekend has been blanketed with “Star Wars” nuggets due to Star Wars Celebration, the annual event where Lucasfilm fetes itself and now acts as a kind of mini-Comic-Con for everything “Star Wars.”

So let’s mop up a little and see what’s left. Mostly, it revolves around director Rian Johnson throwing a little cold water on some rumors and speculation. When the title “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” was announced, it seemed pretty obvious who that last Jedi would be given the preceding movie’s story. Still, an Italian poster for ‘The Last Jedi’ that seemed to suggest plural Jedi threw the internet into speculation overdrive. Who could these last Jedi be? Who exactly is “The Last Jedi”??

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Johnson put it bluntly that the title of the movie and the speculation around it was “uninteresting” while spelling it out for the fans. “In my mind [‘The Last Jedi’] is singular,” he said. “They say in ‘The Force Awakens’ that [Luke] has gone to find the last Jedi temple and Luke’s the last Jedi.” Well, there you go, let’s put that one to rest.

Then there’s the much-discussed subject of Rey’s lineage in the “Star Wars” movies. Is she the daughter of Luke Skywalker? The daughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Can she not just be force-sensitive and not related to anyone in the Saga series, or is that heresy? Ever since ‘The Force Awakens,’ there’s been plenty of conjecture about Rey’s lineage and parents. Well, that’s going to come further to light in ‘The Last Jedi,’ though it remains to be seen if it will be spelled out.

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Speaking on “Good Morning America” this week, Johnson said, “It’s something that is absolutely going to be addressed.” He was about to unveil more details, saying “it depends on…,” but then he stopped himself from revealing too much. Johnson said his movie will be filled with twists and turns and will feature many secrets. “How we address [Rey’s parentage] and how you feel about it and what happens with that is one of [those secrets],” he said.

Do you desperately need to know in advance? Can you just wait ’til the movies come out? Will some movie blog spoil the surprise? (Note: many did with Han Solo’s death in ‘The Force Awakens.’)

Well, it’s “Star Wars,” so probably not, but hey, let the guesswork continue. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” opens on December 15, 2017.

Bonus tweet: Mark Hamill on the Han Solo reunion he would have loved to have seen in “The Force Awakens.”

  • Ethan

    I love the unremarked upon disconnect between complaining about the abundance of Star Wars news in an article about…

    Drum roll please

    Star Wars news.

    Top notch work!

  • cirkusfolk

    Wait, who is speculating Rey is the daughter of Obi Wan Kenobi? That would make her roughly Luke’s age.

    • Kyle Olson

      The theory is usually granddaughter. That Kenobi had a love child during the Clone Wars and they were Rey’s parent.

    • Knight Rider

      It’s becoming clearer and clearer, especially after that trailer, that she was created by the Force.