‘D.B Cooper: Where Are You?!’ Trailer: The Mystery Of A Famous Airplane Highjacker Still Captivates

The legend of D.B. Cooper is such that even Marvel Studios played off the enigma of this mysterious thief, in their “Loki” series. In 1971, a skyjacker (D.B. Cooper) parachuted off a plane with a bag of stolen cash — and he completely got away with it, vanishing without a trace. Decades later, his identity remains a compelling mystery that has haunted journalists, investigators and those obsessed with true-life crime and mystery.

‘The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper‘ Trailer: The New HBO True-Crime Doc Resurrects A Bizarre Crime

In the “Loki,” series, Tom Hiddleston is seen pulling off a similar heist. Jumping off a plane after high jacking it and taking the loot and then being rescued by Heimdall on Asgard. So yes, the story of D.B. Cooper has officially gone mainstream (it’s also not the first of its kinda, HBO made a similar doc in 2020).

A four-part series, directed in part by Marina Zenovich (“Roman Polanski: Wanted And Desired”), “ Netflix’s “D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!” looks at the story and mystery of Cooper, but also the context of the times: as one talking says in the new trailer, “walking into an airport in the 1970s, back then was like walking into a supermarket,” aka security was pretty damn lax.

The central mystery remains: is Cooper out there living a nice and cozy life anonymously? Or did he survive his jump? Jumping out of a commercial airplane at those speeds is not the intended way for people to safely parachute.

Here’s the official synopsis:

The series looks at the 50-year quest to find the mysterious man who hijacked a Northwest Airlines passenger jet in November 1971 and escaped with $200,000, never to be seen again. Five decades. Few clues. Too many suspects. The identity of skyjacker D.B. Cooper remains one of the greatest mysteries of the 20th century.

“D.B. Cooper: Where Are You?!” premieres on Netflix on July 13. Watch the new trailer below: