Don’t hate the streaming service player, hate the streaming platform game. And it’s a game that’s still a thorn in Hollywood’s side. Leading the charge of streaming disruptors is of course Netflix and they continue to rock the industry and pinch good talent from all kinds of studios, many of whom have strong relationships with indie talent.

The latest filmmaker going the way of Netflix is Noah Baumbach with his latest film, “Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).” Written and directed by Baumbach, (“Frances Ha,” “Mistress America”), Netflix has acquired the global rights to the picture ahead of any potential festival bows.

‘Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)’ is described as an inter-generational tale of adult siblings contending with the influence of their aging father played by Dustin Hoffman. The rest of the cast includes Adam Sandler (a Netflix favorite, don’t be surprised if this was a major selling point for them), Ben Stiller, Elizabeth Marvel (“Homeland,” “House of Cards”), Grace Van Patten (“Tramps,” “Stealing Cars”) and Emma Thompson.

With the announcement so close to the Cannes line-up reveal, which is coming on Thursday, could we see Baumbach with his first in-competition film at the Croisette? There’s been talk that Cannes could be thumbing their nose at Netflix, but at this point, we’d still believe anything is possible. [Deadline]

  • Chris L.

    Cannes lineup is this Thursday? Other sources say the 20th. This is important, as any cinephile worth the name must arise before dawn to bask in the roll call of auteurs!

  • DG

    Cool, another film I wanted to see in theaters that will now probably go straight to streaming. Great.

    • jh

      It’ll be in theaters too. But in that limited Netflix kind of way.