Nothing Says 3D Like Heather Graham and A Celebration of Frédéric Chopin: Welcome To 'The Flying Machine'

File under the most confusing project announced today.

If Luke Wilson is the male actor in most need of a dire actor’s intervention (friends and family that say, “Luke, about your recent acting choices…”) then the female equivalent who may be far beyond help at this point is always-eager-to-get-naked actress Heather Graham. Once decent in films like, “Boogie Nights,” “Drugstore Cowboy” and even the underrated “Bowfinger,” her career has reached Cuba Gooding Jr. levels of embarrassment (she received a small career-resuscitating bump when she appeared in “The Hangover” last year).

Now she’s set to star in the 3D family adventure “The Flying Machine.” Chinese pianist Lang Lang also stars. A mix of of 3D live action and stop-motion animation, the film is being “made to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the birth of Chopin,” because you know, nothing screams 3D like Heather Graham and a Polish pianist known for being one of the greatest composers of Romantic music.