Exclusive: Trailer & Poster For 'Dreamland' With Johnny Simmons, Amy Landecker & Jason Schwartzman Hits The Right Notes

The city of dreams is going to be the focus of youthful aspiration this fall at the movies. There’s Oscar contender “La La Land,” with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone which is already the focus of plenty of conversation. And while a bit smaller, “Dreamland” spins its own unique blend of comedy and drama, telling the story of a young man with big hopes.

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Starring Johnny Simmons, Amy Landecker, Jason Schwartzman, Frankie Shaw, Noël Wells, Beverly D’Angelo, and Talia Shire, and written and directed by Robert Schwartzman (Rooney frontman and brother of Jason), the film follows Monty Fagan (Simmons), who dreams of opening a piano bar, falls into an affair with an older woman, all while trying to come of age. Here’s the official synopsis:

Los Angeles musician Monty Fagan is going through a rough patch. He’s a grown man who lives with his girlfriend… in her mom’s house. He wants to open a piano bar… but suffers from an extreme case of insufficient funds. Things take an interesting turn, however, when Monty gets the chance to fill in as the pianist in a swanky hotel bar, where he meets Olivia, an older, wealthy femme fatale with whom he begins a rather torrid affair. Enlivened by Olivia’s presence in his life, Monty gets a newfound self-confidence and sexual prowess. But when Olivia starts to throw some much-needed cash at Monty — dressing him in expensive clothes and offering to fund his dream bar — he begins worry that being a kept man will destroy his ability to make it on his own terms.

“Dreamland” opens in limited release and hits VOD on November 11th. Check out the exclusive trailer and poster below.