'Uncut Gems': A24 Releases "The Stranger," A New, '70s-Inspired Trailer In Wake Of Adam Sandler's Awards Talk

“This is me, this is how I win.” You may not have seen “Uncut Gems” yet, you may have only vaguely heard of it, but chances are you’re very aware that Adam Sandler is in the conversation for the Oscar awards and has already been nominated for a Golden Globe in the Comedy/Musical category. Will that translate to the Academy Awards? A24 sure as hell is hoping it will and on the eve of the Globes, that takes place this weekend, the company has released another new post-release trailer and it’s very different from what you might expect.

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“Uncut Gems” is a relentless movie that goes for the jugular, it’s frenetic, frantic, non-stop adrenaline rush which is the point. Adam Sandler’s character is a jeweler and compulsive gambler who is always looking for the perilous rush of the next big score. But he lives precariously, day to day, and by the unpredictable rules of high stake risk. It’s definitely one of the best performances of his career and it’s very possibly going to lead to Sandler winning a Golden Globe this weekend.

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The new trailer, however, entitled “The Stranger,” named after Billy Joel‘s song of the same name, utilized in the trailer is very, very different, employing a more laconic, low-key, 1970s vibe, as if the film were “The Gambler” or Robert Altman’sCalifornia Split.” Why such a different tone? Well, despite the film’s success so far—it made $5.9 million on the first day of wide release (including $1.1 million from previews on Christmas Eve), making it the highest single-day gross in A24’s history and it’s already made $25 million after two weeks of release—the movie has suffered from a low Cinemascore rating. Meaning, not all audiences that see it love and are probably expecting something more Adam Sandler-y and not as harrowingly unrelenting. And or, maybe they’re just trying to give a tribute to their New York boy, Billy Joel.

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Directed by the Safdie Brothers (“Good Time“), current indie kings of the New York crime hustle, “Uncut Gems” is the movie they were born to make, so it must be gratifying to them it’s become such a hit. The movie also stars Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, and Eric Bogosian. “Uncut Gems” is in theaters now. Watch the new trailer below.