'One True Loves' Trailer: A New Rom-Com With Simu Liu Hits Theaters On April 7, Digital On April 14

Simu Liu landed a huge starring role in Marvel‘s “Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings.” And that part came with all the leading man trappings, like hosting “SNL” and touring the late-night circuit. But what’s Liu done since then? Well, he has a part as a Ken in Greta Gerwig‘s “Barbie” on the way this summer, and stars opposite Sam Worthington in the upcoming thriller “Hello Stranger“; but beyond that, not much.

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But before those two films, Liu tries his hand at a different kind of leading man. In “One True Loves,” he’s a rom-com lead, not a superhero, who becomes the second man in a love triangle after a woman’s husband supposedly dies in a helicopter crash.

Here’s the official synopsis for “One True Loves”:

High school sweethearts Emma and Jesse are the perfect couple, seizing every opportunity to travel the world until their marital bliss is ruthlessly cut short on their first anniversary, when Jesse disappears in a helicopter crash. Heartbroken, Emma moves back to Massachusetts to mend her life back together. Years later, she runs into her old best friend, Sam, who has always been secretly in love with her, and they become inseparable. Newly engaged, it feels like Emma’s second chance at happiness is finally here until she receives the most shocking news: Jesse is alive. Completely torn, Emma must now choose between a husband and a fiancé.

Alongside Liu as Sam, “One True Loves” also stars Phillipa Soo as Emma and Luke Bracey as Jesse.  Tom Everett ScottMichaela ConlinLauren Tom, and Michael O’Keefe also star.  Oona Yaffe and Phinehas Yoon also play younger versions of Emma and Sam, respectively.

Playing With Fire” director Andy Fickman helms “One True Loves.”  Taylor Jenkins Reid and Alex Jenkins Reid co-write the film’s script.  

“One True Loves” may not have the same clout as other upcoming Simu Liu projects like “Arthur The King” with Mark Wahlberg or “Atlas” with Jennifer Lopez, but at least it proves “Shang-Chi” wasn’t a one-off for the actor. Liu will return to big-budget stuff soon enough, including Amazon‘s upcoming adventure series “Seven Wonders.” In the meantime, “One True Loves” hits theaters on April 7, then digital on April 14, and video on demand on April 28. Watch a trailer for the film below.