'My Spy: The Eternal City': Amazon Preps Sequel To Dave Bautista's 2020 Comedy, Anna Faris & Craig Robinson Join Cast

At this point, is it really up for debate that Dave Bautista is the world’s best professional wrestler turned actor? Sorry, Dwayne Johnson fans, but it’s true: Bautista has better dramatic and comedic chops than him, and it’s not even close. Don’t believe it? Well, on the comedic end of things, audiences will have a new chance to watch Bautista flex his funniness soon. THR reports that Amazon has a sequel to 2020’s “My Spy” in the works, with Bautista reprising his role as CIA operative and surrogate dad JJ.

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My Spy: The Eternal City” also sees Chloe ColemanKristen Schaal, and Ken Jeong return for the sequel. As for newcomers, Anna FarisCraig Robinson, and Flula Borg lead the pack. Also in: Billy BarrattTaeho KNicola Correia-DamudeNoah Dalton Danby, and Devere Rogers. And Peter Segal returns to direct the sequel, revising a script from Jon and Erich Hoeber. No word on the exact plot details for “The Eternal City,” but , yes, it takes place in Rome where JJ and Coleman’s Sophie get thrust into an international terrorist plot.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced “My Spy” away from a theatrical release to streaming, but the film still clicked with viewers. THR says that ScreenEngine reports that the movie was the third-most watched SVOD film in 2020. “My Spy” follows Bautista’s JJ, an ex-soldier turned CIA operative tasked with surveilling Coleman’s precocious Sophie and her widowed Mom hiding out from their terrorist brother-in-law. Sophie soon figures out JJ is a spy, and ropes him into doing the young girl’s dirty work, such as it is.

Amazon and MGM Studios head Jennifer Salke sounds thrilled about the upcoming sequel. “We were so delighted with the success of “My Spy,” Salke said in a press statement. “It is an absolute privilege to reunite with Pete Segal, Dave Bautista, Chloe Coleman, and the rest of the talented cast and filmmakers — along with some very exciting additions.” Segal has his own boost for the upcoming picture: “Having Anna, Craig, and Flula join our amazing cast is like a kiss from the comedy gods.” 

Expect “My Spy: The Eternal City” to hit theaters (or maybe just Amazon Prime Video) sometime next year. And don’t sleep on this one, movie fans: Bautsita and Coleman’s comedic chemistry is first-rate in the 2020 film, and assures Coleman as a future breakout star.