'The Fall Guy': Emily Blunt Joins David Leitch's Take On The Classic TV Series With Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has no plans of exiting the action genre after “The Gray Man.”  David Leitch doesn’t either after “Bullet Train.” The pair team up soon for their adaptation of the 1980s stunt-man/bounty hunter TV series “The Fall Guy.” The movie won’t be out until March 1, 2024, but Universal Pictures knows who’ll star across from Gosling, and Deadline has the scoop.

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Deadline reports that Emily Blunt will costar opposite Gosling in the upcoming film. Plot details are unknown right now, but the classic TV show follows a group of Hollywood stuntmen who moonlight as bounty hunters. Gosling will also co-produce with Guymon Casady through Entertainment 360, while Geoff Shaevitz and original series creator Glen A. Larson will executive produce.

Neither Gosling or Blunt are strangers to action movies. Gosling is coming off the aforementioned “The Gray Man” for The Russo Brothers and Netflix. He also has “The Nice Guys,” “Drive,” and “Blade Runner 2049” in his action-adventure repertoire. Meanwhile, Blunt honed her action chops in films like “Edge Of Tomorrow,” “Sicario,” and the “A Quiet Place” series. Gosling is currently working on Greta Gerwig‘s “Barbie,” while Blunt has David Yates‘s “Pain Hustlers” on the stove over at Netflix.  

So, who else will join Gosling, Blunt, and Leitch on “The Fall Guy”? The film starts production in Australia this Fall, so there may be an answer to that question before the summer is over.