New 'The Kingdom Exodus' Trailer: The Third & Final Installment Of Lars Von Trier's Cult Show Hits Mubi On November 27

For the first time in twenty-five years, Lars Von Trier returns to Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet and his cult TV series “The Kingdom.” And while “The Kingdom Exodus” may be Von Trier’s final edition of the show, MUBI will give its streaming premiere a prestige rollout.  

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Starting on November 13, MUBI will release remastered director’s cuts of the previous two seasons of “The Kingdom.” All five episodes of “The Kingdom I” hit the streamer this Sunday, while “The Kingdom II” debuts next Sunday, November 20. Then the first episode of “Exodus” premieres on November 27, with new episodes premiering through December 25.

In its first two seasons, “The Kingdom” follows the strange happenings staff deal with in a Danish hospital. In “Exodus,” Von Trier provides the same premise with a meta twist, with coworkers realizing they may have been on the show.

Here’s an edited synopsis for the upcoming series, courtesy of the New York Film Festival:

The show’s legions of fans will be delighted by Von Trier’s dark-comic return to the misfit world of Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet, once again ruled equally by sinister supernatural visions and at times hilarious administrative incompetence. This time, the hospital’s workers are aware of having been in a show, complaining that the scoundrel Lars von Trier has given them a bad name. 

“Exodus” stars an all-new cast, including Larks MikkelsenMikael PersbrandtNikolaj Lie KaasTuva Novotnoy, and Alexander Skarsgård. “Chernobyl” actor David Dencik guest stars.  Niels Vorsel returns to co-write the new season with von Trier, as he did on the show’s previous two seasons.

Will Von Trier’s final foray into the Rigshospitalet’s bizarre world answer the show’s lingering questions? Find out when “The Kingdom Exodus” premieres on MUBI on November 27. Watch a new trailer for the series below.