'Silk: Spider Society': 'Spider-Man' Spinoff Animated Series Lands At MGM+ & Amazon With 'The Walking Dead's Angela Kang As Showrunner

Back in 2019, after the success of their animated film “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,” Phil Lord and Chris Miller signed a massive deal with Sony to develop a suite of new “Spider-Man” TV projects. The first of those, “Silk,” was announced in September 2020, but things soon fell silent on the series. That is, until now. Deadline reports that “Silk: Spider Society” is coming soon, with MGM+ and Amazon Prime Video ordering the series.

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“Silk Society” centers on Cindy Moon, a Korean-American woman bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker. As she discovers her newfound superpowers, she searches for her lost family and dons her new moniker, Silk.  Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos created the original Silk character in the Marvel comics.  Tiffany Espensen plays the character in the MCU.

MGM+, the network formerly known as Epix, relaunches under its new name in January, and has the first US window for the series. Afterward, Prime Video will air it in the US. Amazon’s streamer will also air the series internationally. As part of the new multiyear deal in place with Amazon Studios for the animated series, “The Walking Dead” showrunner Angela Kang will lead the show. She replaces “Watchmen” executive producer Tom Spezialy, who was previously announced as showrunner in September 2020.  

Miller and Ford sang Kang’s praises in a press statement about the upcoming show. “Angela is a pro’s pro whose perspective and creativity we greatly respect and admire,” said the duo. “She’s also a hell of a lot of fun. She loves these characters and we feel really lucky for the chance to work with her to bring Cindy Moon’s story to the world.”  

Kang still has “The Walking Dead” spinoff on Daryl to work on, but she’s excited about moving onto “Silk” after so many years on the AMC staple show. “I’m beyond thrilled to be joining the Amazon Studios family for this next chapter of my career,” said Kang in a statement. “I look forward to working with the executive team on diverse, character-forward, watercooler shows for a global audience and am so excited to dive into my first challenge – bringing Korean-American superhero Silk to life on screen.”

For Spidey fans, this news is a big deal, but it also makes one wonder just how many “Spider-Man” shows are on the horizon through Sony, Amazon Studios, and MGM+. Sony’s Spidey-Verse is getting a lot bigger very soon, with “Kraven The Hunter” hitting theaters next year, followed by “Madame Web,” “El Muerto,” and the newly announced “Venom 3.” That doesn’t touch upon Olivia Wilde‘s untitled project that likely involves Spider-Woman, which may or may not be happening. The complicated deal Lord And Miller finalized for animated projects and “Silk” involves some 900 characters; that’s a lot of content. Is it arguably too much?

Hey, at least “Silk: Spider Society” is finally on the way, though. With any luck, more news on this series soon.