'Day Shift' Trailer: Jamie Foxx & Snoop Dogg Star As Vampire Hunters In The San Fernando Valley

Vampires are having a moment over at Netflix. Earlier this year, “First Kill” gave a lesbian coming-of-age romance a vampiric twist. And last year, “Night Teeth” was all about the vampire cabals that control Los Angeles. Now, Netflix returns to the San Fernando Valley for a new vampire jaunt, “Day Shift,” except this time, Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg are here to save the day.

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“Day Shift” stars Foxx as Bud Jablonski, a blue-collar pool cleaner whose business is a front for his real job: hunting and killing vampires. But he’s been excommunicated from the Hunters’ Guild, something his friend, Snoop Dogg’s Big John Elliott, is desperately trying to fox. Soon enough, the pair need to take down California’s most menacing threat when ancient vampire Audrey San Fernando, masquerading as a gentrifying realtor, attempts to suck up the Valley’s remaining real estate. Will she bleed Los Angeles dry before Bud and Big John can stop her?

Alongside Foxx and Snoop Dog, “Day Shift’ also stars Meagan Good, Zion Broadnax, Karla Souza, and Dave FrancoNatasha Liu Bordizzo, Scott Adkins, Oliver Masucci, and Eric Lange round out the main cast.

Stuntman J.J. Perry directs “Day Shift” in his feature directorial debut. His “John Wick” collaborator Shay Hatten and “Army Of The Dead” scribe co-writes the script with newcomer Tyler Tice.  

Will Foxx and Snoop Dogg save California from bloodsucking gentrifiers, I mean, vampires in “Day Shift”? This movie sounds gonzo, like a mix between “The Lost Boys,” “Big Trouble In Little China,” and an LA-based cop buddy comedy. Tune into Netflix on August 12 when the movie premieres. In the meantime, watch the trailer below: