New Ezra Miller Harassment & Grooming Allegations Pile-Up

Yesterday, it was revealed during the Warner Bros. Discovery earnings call that the company would still be moving forward with Ezra Miller’s big tentpole film “The Flash,” and that more work could be done to improve it, which signals reshoots. This has been deeply confusing to fans, and pundits: a $90 million “Batgirl” film with a person of color in the lead was canceled by the company, while a film starring an actor who has been besieged with bad press is proceeding. MIller’s increasingly bizarre off-set arrests and allegations, which include a second-degree assault arrest in Hawaii earlier this year, have been in the headlines all year, a nightmare of PR for Warner Bros., who have allegedly already started thinking about how to replace him and already reportedly decided he will not appear as The Flash going forward. There have also been claims of child endangerment with exposure to guns on his property and multiple allegations of grooming minors alongside parents seeking protective orders from the court. 

More disturbing claims are being made in a new report from Business Insider, where they have spoken with 14 people that have had interactions with Miller. The report includes even more “frightening emotional outbursts” that have occurred in addition to Miller carrying firearms and wearing a bulletproof vest. Many of the people who spoke with Insider for their report have asked to remain anonymous, fearing retaliation from the star for speaking out to the press about their erratic behavior. 

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The most puzzling thing revealed in the Business Insider report is that the actor, in 2020, was rumored to be “running a cult” out of an Airbnb for two months in Iceland, around the same time a video surfaced online showing Miller choking a woman outside of a bar. Other things mentioned would point to a pattern of seeking out “impressionable young women and nonbinary people” that Miller sought to “isolate from families” and control while also pursuing sexual relationships.

There is talk that the actor over the last six months has been driving around the US carrying at least one gun and wearing a bulletproof vest, paranoid about being followed by the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan, people told Insider. You might remember that back in January, Miller had posted a video threatening to kill Ku Klux Klan members on social media as media coverage of the actor’s behavior increased.

The report also mentioned that several people close to Miller are “worried about the actor’s mental state and are concerned Miller has lost touch with reality.” A clear sign that Miller is not in the most healthy state of mind and could end up being dangerous to those around them. 

There have been reports that Warners is looking to end their working relationship with Miller but that doesn’t seem to include removing him from “The Flash” despite the potential reshoots/tinkering the DC Comics film could see in the coming months before its 2023 release. However, the studio is facing an increasing call from those online to have Miller removed from the film after Warners canned their $90 million-budget “Batgirl” film without a future release, even on a streaming platform. It’s unlikely the $200 million-plus film will see such a drastic reworking.

Then again, the safety of Miller and those around them might be the priority here.