Ezra Miller's Story Get Worse; New Claims Involve Children In An "Unsafe" Environment

Things aren’t getting any easier for embattled actor Ezra Miller (“The Flash “), seemingly embroiled in one new scandal after another every day. Following dozens of reports of erratic and troubling behavior, things somehow might be getting increasingly worse. 

Rolling Stone has been chronicling the increasingly disturbing Miller situation while sharing both sides of the claims/allegations against the actor. A new report from the magazine shares even more unsettling allegations and claims that Miller lives on a 96-acre Vermont farm with a mother in her mid-20s, her three young children, and unsafe conditions around them.

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According to the father of the children, the farm is an “unsafe environment for children,” claiming there are unattended guns strewn around the home on Miller’s property which is also allegedly an unlicensed cannabis farm. One source recalled “an instance where one of the children — a one-year-old — allegedly picked up a loose bullet and put it in her mouth.” 

However, the unnamed mother claims that Miller had helped her escape from a “violent and abusive ex,” and Miller “helped me finally … have a safe environment for my three very young children.” So, while the living conditions might indeed be precarious, the circumstances for why the family is at Miller’s farm might be more complex.

According to the Rolling Stone reports, the mother and father have been at odds for a while, citing Hawaii court records, as the mother pursued one domestic abuse case and one paternity case against the father in May 2021. The mother and children, aged one to five, have been living at Miller’s Stamford, Vermont, farm since mid-April. Miller had met the woman in Hilo, Hawaii, which the actor had been visiting in March during his arrests. 

Earlier this spring, the beleaguered actor was arrested for second-degree assault in Hawaii after an altercation in a bar. More recently, troubling allegations of grooming a non-binary minor (now a teenager) have surfaced. A second allegation came to light about another minor the actor allegedly groomed along with threatening family members with a gun. Following this drama, Miller deleted their social media account after teasing authorities about their whereabouts.

Following these alarming allegations, young children living at an isolated farm with multiple unattended firearms all around certainly sends up red flags. It’s unknown if Miller could end up being his with child endangerment charges, but given the police have been looking for him, it might be only a matter of time until authorities at least visit the property for an inspection, given all the damaging press.

While this situation escalates, at least in the press, Warner Bros. is supposedly taking matters into their own hands and has reportedly decided not to work with Miller beyond “The Flash” film, set for a summer 2023 release. The $200-million-costing movie is already shot, so there’s no removing Miller from the picture. Still, given it’s a multiverse movie, it should be easy enough to come up with third-act or post-credit machinations that remove or recast his character from the storyline. The central dilemma— which they likely won’t have to face for almost a year— is whether to release the film in theaters or take a bath on the entire thing and quietly dump it on HBO Max to avoid further PR nightmares. That decision likely won’t be made for several months and will likely depend on how much worse Miller’s situation becomes in the media. But Miller’s time in the DCEU and the ‘Harry Potter’-verse seems over, and when the dust all settles, the actor will have to wait and see what’s left of his career.