Kevin Smith Says DC Series ‘Strange Adventures’ Is Dead At HBO Max & Wanted Nicolas Cage To Play Bizarro

It was announced last week that Warner Bros. Discovery would indeed be combining streaming services Discovery+ and HBO Max into a single app that will launch in the United States next summer. This has led many to believe that various television projects being developed at HBO Max that haven’t started filming could be on the chopping block as the two services will have to manage content costs. Some of those projects at HBO Max have been DC Comics-related with things like a “Green Lantern” show and multiple things connected to J.J. Abrams’ plans to explore multiple characters from “Justice League Dark.” Filmmaker Kevin Smith has been recently working on his own DC project with plans to direct a segment for the “Strange Adventures” anthology series that he had been developing with “Masters of The Universe: Revelation” writer Eric Carrasco

On a recent episode of Hollywood Babble-On, Smith revealed the HBO Max anthology series is dead too but added he was hoping to get Nicolas Cage to play Bizarro as he planned on covering the secret origin of the Superman character. 

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“‘Strange Adventures’ is officially dead,” Smith said, as he had been informed by Carrasco. 

Looking to approach Cage would obviously be a direct nod to the failed Tim Burton-directed incarnation from the 1990s. Bizarro Superman is an oddball character that does everything opposite of Superman and hails from the Bizarro Universe, someone we shouldn’t expect to see on the live-action side of the DCEU unless James Gunn gets the bright idea to use him in his “Suicide Squad” films or television spinoffs. However, Cage, you would assume after tackling a new version of Dracula for Universal in “Reinfield,” would be game if the show didn’t get snuffed out. 

Speaking of Gunn, he took to Twitter over the weekend to reassure fans that “Peacemaker” Season 2 is still happening. Something I’m sure many fans were relieved to hear when the HBO Max shake-up news was announced alongside the talk of a “reset” concerning the DCEU