This week saw the cancellation of Netflix‘s comic book series “Jupiter’s Legacy,” the first Millarworld adaptation after their big deal was announced back in 2017. Instead, the streaming giant would turn multiple Mark Millar comics into films, series, and cartoons. 

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Well, we now have a reaction of sorts from the show’s lead actor Josh Duhamel, who took to his Instagram account to post a shirtless photo of himself and seemingly courting Netflix competitor, Hulu

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“When you get dumped by Netflix and have to put yourself back out there…What’s up, Hulu?” Josh Duhamel posted on Instagram. Alongside the caption, Duhamel posted the hashtag #sexysantasummer, a nod to his ridiculous fake beard and wig he wore for present-day sequences as his character Sheldon Sampson, aka, The Utopian.

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A harmless cheeky rib at the expense of the cancellation news and proves that the actor Josh Duhamel still has a sense of humor about the entire ordeal. After working on multiple “Transformers” films for director Michael Bay, you have to imagine that Duhamel had to rely on that sense of humor regularly.

The official Millarworld account broke the news and mentioned that Netflix would instead focus on a live-action series adaptation of the Mark Millar comic “Supercrooks,” described as “X-Men” meets “Ocean’s Eleven.” “Supercrooks” focuses on a group of super-villains attempting a major heist, and it just happens to take place in the same universe as “Jupiter’s Legacy.”

Given the shared universe aspect of the two shows, there is a slim chance the cast could return for “Supercrooks.” Still, given that the main cast of “Jupiter’s Legacy” has been allowed to exit their series commitments at Netflix, that is extremely doubtful.