'Army of The Dead 2' A Go From Zack Snyder & Netflix

Netflix and Zack Snyder have seemingly developed a solid working relationship following the successful release “Army of The Dead.” The streamer has already touted the success metrics of the Snyder zombie movie (it’s apparently one of their biggest movies), and Snyder’s already produced a prequel with “Army of Thieves” and another prequel project, the animated “Army of The Dead: Lost Vegas,” which is expected to premiere spring 2022. Snyder’s next big project is a Netflix original sci-fi film “Rebel Moon,” based on the filmmaker’s old “Star Wars” pitch that Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai influenced.” 

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Well, in a move that seems to cement the relationship with the streaming giant, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Snyder’s Stone Quarry Productions has signed a first-look deal with Netflix. The biggest news in the report is that Snyder is planning on making “Army of The Dead 2” after “Rebel Moon” with Shay Hatten returning to write the script.

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They add that “Rebel Moon” aims to begin shooting in 2022 and is being positioned to get multiple installments and spinoffs just like “Army of The Dead.” A second franchise for Netflix from Zack Snyder.

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The original “Army of The Dead” teased that the military convoy possibly came from Area 51, and Snyder himself has confirmed a direct link to the zombies having an alien origin which the sequel and the subsequent spinoff projects already announced could explore. A sequel could easily skew more in the realm of aliens and sci-fi elements depending on if Snyder wants to pursue that angle.

This news sounds like the final nail in the coffin for fans hoping that Snyder would magically return to Warner Bros. — the studio rejected “Army of The Dead” — and oversee the DCEU again. Despite the recent headaches he endured interacting with the studio during the making of the Snyder Cut of “Justice League,” it seems like Snyder has found a supportive and mutually beneficial home at Netflix that will carry him through the next several years.