Streaming giant Netflix has announced more IP-based anime projects are on the way, and they are partnering with Legendary Television for the animated series “Skull Island” and “Tomb Raider.”

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Skull Island” is directly set within Legendary’s Monsterverse that will focus on a crew shipwrecked on the dangerous island that is notably ruled by King Kong, and the upcoming series comes from Austin-based Powerhouse Animation. The company is behind Netflix’s popular “Castlevania” and “Blood of Zeus series alongside Kevin Smith‘s “Masters of The Universe: Revelation.” The latter will attempt to be a continuation of the classic “He-Man” cartoon from the 1980s. The Monsterverse previously established the location Skull Island in Jordan Vogt-Roberts‘ “Kong: Skull Island,” and there is an expectation we’ll be revisiting it in “Godzilla vs. Kong” on March 31. 

Deadline adds that “Underwater” and “Love & Monsters” screenwriter Brian Duffield will write and executive produce “Skull Island,” so they’ll have some with a lot of experience with tackling creature-focused projects. 

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The animated “Tomb Raider series, according to Netflix, won’t be connected to the upcoming feature film from director Misha Green and starring Alicia Vikander. This detail was mentioned in a post made by Netflix on Twitter. Instead, the setting will take place after the events of the video game reboot trilogy following that established and seasoned incarnation of the globetrotting adventurer, Lara Croft. 

It will be written, and executive produced by Tasha Huo, who is behind Netflix’s prequel “The Witcher: Blood Origin” and spent time writing on the “Red Sonja” film reboot. 

Other anime series coming from Netflix include ones set in the worlds of the Guillermo del Toro monster flick “Pacific Rim” recent video game “Cyberpunk 2077,” and “Transformers” among others.