Elizabeth Banks & David Wain Reunite For 'Where The Fore Are We?'

The 2001 cult satirical summer camp comedy “Wet Hot American Summer” might be considered one of the few comedic gems of the 2000s that has continued a healthy and lasting following. There is a mini-reunion on the horizon at Amazon Studios, as Variety reveals that David Wain (“Role Models“) will direct a new deserted island musical, “Where The Fore Are We?” with busy actress/director Elizabeth Banks taking a key producing role via Brownstone Productions.

We must assume that she’ll take an acting part, although that isn’t explicitly stated in the announcement.

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“Where The Fore Are We?” focuses on a commercial flight that is stranded for three months after a crash landing on a deserted island. The makeshift community of passengers and crew decide to put together a Shakespearan play to keep themselves occupied. However, the captain is trying to get everyone to help with trying to get rescued instead.

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Wain penned the script alongside rising comedians Zach Reino and Jess McKenna; the duo is likely best known for their Earwolf podcast, “OFF BOOK: The Improvised Musical.” They’re also part of the substantial creative team behind Adult Swim’s hugely popular animated series “Rick & Morty,” contributing songs and musical sketches.

We shouldn’t be shocked if Reino and McKenna end up landing roles in the streaming project as well.

David Wain’s comedic directing credits include “Party Down,” “Wanderlust,” “They Came Together,” “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp,” “Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later,” and “A Futile & Stupid Gesture.” He was once up to replace Edgar Wright on Marvel‘s “Ant-Man before Peyton Reed was ultimately selected after the British director exited over creative differences with the studio.

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Banks is currently directing the crime thriller “Cocaine Bear” for Universal Pictures.